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Couples Counseling


Is your partner there for you? Are you and your spouse feeling distant? Is all intimacy and connection gone? Difficult times and life stressors can lead to conflict within a marriage or relationship. Marriage counseling or couples therapy can be the answer to deepening or reawakening your relationship.


Infidelity, domestic violence, addiction as well as other relational issues can lead to separation, divorce, and collective trauma not only on the couple but the family as a whole. Many issues can be addressed and healing and repair of the relationship is possible.

Couples counseling can be flexible and specific to the needs of the couple. Whether it is healing from relational trauma, developing effective communication skills, learning how to manage conflict and arguments, or developing or deepening your level of intimacy and love couples therapy may be what you and your significant other need.

My approach starts with a thorough assessment backed by years of research on relationships that will objectively identify a couples strengths, challenges, goals and strategies to address your issues.


Couples therapy can also include EMDR Therapy to address trauma issues that you and/or your spouse are bringing into the relationship or relational trauma (cheating, abuse, addiction).


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